今回は、数を尋ねる〔How many something?(どれだけの何か)〕という表現についてまとめました。

How many something?


〔How many something〕を含む例文・フレーズ a ~ n

〔How many something〕の〔something〕が表す、数える名詞のバリエーションに注目し、様々な場面で〔How many something〕を使えるようになりましょう!

How many something

How many bags do you need? (袋は何枚必要ですか?)


No matter how many books you read, you have to think for yourself. (いくら本を読んでも、自分で考えなければだめだ)

I think the income differs according to how many books were sold. (本の売上数によって収入は違ってくると思う)


Can you help me check how many boxes there are? (この箱の数チェックするの手伝ってくれる?)


How many centimeters are in an inch? (1インチって何センチなの?)


“Hey, look at how many chocolates I got.” “Oh, is that why you look so smug?” (「おい、俺がもらったチョコの数見てみろよ」「あぁ、だからお前そんなに自慢げな顔してんの?」)


How many cigarettes are left? (どれくらタバコ残ってるの?)


How many classes have I missed so far? (おれ今のところ何回授業休んでますか?)

How many classes did I miss? (僕は授業何回休みましたか?)


How many credits are required for graduation? (卒業するためには何単位必要ですか?)


How many dates had we been on before you told me how you felt? (デート何回目で告白してきたっけ?)


How many days will you be staying? (何日間滞在しますか?)

How many days will you be staying in Japan? (何日くらい日本にいる予定ですか?)

For how many days? (何日間ですか?)

How many days do you have left? ([旅行している人に]あと何日残っているのですか?)

How many days has it been since you last met him? (何日ぶりに彼に会いますか?)

How many days can you get off? (何日休暇を取れるの?)

How many days are you planning to stay in Japan? (日本には何日間滞在する予定ですか?)

How many days in advance can I make a reservation? (何日先までの予約ができますか?)

How many days in a week do you work? (週に何日くらい仕事に行くの?)

How many days can you survive without a cell phone? (携帯なしで何日過ごせる?)

How many days worth of clothes should I bring? (何日分の服を持っていたら十分ですか?)

If I were to go sightseeing in New York, how many days do you think would be necessary at the very least? (ニューヨークを観光する際に、最低でもどれぐらいの日数が必要だと思いますか?)

How many days would you like to rent this DVD for? (こちらのDVDのご利用泊数はいかがなさいますか?)

If I quit, how many days notice should I give in advance? (もし、辞めるとしたらどれくらい前に言えばいいのですか?)


How many degrees is it over there? (そっちは気温何度くらい?)

How many degrees is that in Celsius? (摂氏で言うと何度ですか?)


How many donuts can ten dollars buy? (10ドルで、何個ドーナツ買えますか?)


How many drinks is that now? (今飲んでるの何杯目?)

How many drinks have you had tonight? (今晩はどのくらい飲んだ?)


No matter how many late fees I pay, I can’t stop renting DVDs! (何度延滞してもDVDレンタルはやめられない!)


How many direct flights are there per week? (直行便は週に何便ありますか?)


I’m testing how many followers will increase in 10 days right now as an experiment, so if you’re interested, please follow me. (いま実験的に10日でフォロワーがどれくらい増えるかを試しているので興味のある人はフォローしてね)


How many girls have you gone out with so far? (今まで何人の子と付き合ってきたの?)


How many girlfriends do you have now? (今は、彼女は何人いるの?)


How many glasses will this bottle of wine fill? (そのボトルワインはグラス何杯分ありますか?)


How many hamburgers can you eat? (ハンバーガー何個食べられますか?)


How many hours do you usually sleep? (あなたの睡眠時間はどのくらい?)

How many hours of class do you have today? (今日は何時間授業ですか?)

How many hours did you study today? Did you make progress as planned? (今日は何時間勉強しましたか?計画通りに進みましたか?)

How many hours have I been awake? (私何時間起きてるの?)


I wonder how many incidents have been covered up and kept quiet by politicians and the police. I don’t trust the police. (議員・大臣や警察組織によって隠蔽・もみ消された事件は一体どれくらいあるんだろう?警察なんて信用できない)


Let me check how many items you have. (商品点数を確認しますね)


You have multiple jobs? You work really hard! How many jobs do you have? (仕事掛け持ちしてるんだ!すごく働くね!何個仕事してるの?)


How many kilos have you gained? (体重何キロ増えた?)


How many kilometers can this car run on 1 liter of gas? (この車は1リットル何キロ走るんですか?)

How many kilometers is a mile? (1マイルは何キロですか?)

How many kilometers roughly do you run every day? (毎日、何kmくらい走っているのですか?)

How many kilometers does it get per liter? (リッター何キロ走る?)


Just how many languages are you planning to learn?! Incredible. (何ヶ国語覚えるつもり?!すごいな~)

How many languages can you speak? (あなたは何ヶ国の言葉を話すことができますか?)


How many lessons do you usually take? (いつも何本レッスンを受けてますか?)


How many gold medals does America have so far? (アメリカは今のところ金メダル何個獲得してますか?)


How many men have you gone out with up until now? (今まで何人の男と付き合ったことある?)


How many millimeters is that? (それは、何ミリなの?)


How many minutes per game? (1ゲーム何分?)


You need to make many mistakes while learning English. You can improve by making mistakes. It all depends on how many mistakes you make. (英語はどんどん間違えないと。間違えるから成長できる。どれだけ間違えられるかが大切)


How many meters deep can you dive without taking a breath now? (あなたは息継ぎなしで最高何メートルまで潜ることができるようになりましたか?)

How many meters is it between your home and the station? (あなたの家から駅まで何メートルあるますか?)


How many months pregnant are you? (妊娠何ヶ月ですか?)

How many months have you worked at that company? (あなたは何ヶ月間そこの会社で働いていますか?)

How many months has it been since you said you were going on a diet? You haven’t lost any weight at all. (あなたがダイエット宣言してから、何ヶ月経っただろう。全く体重減ってない)


How many more do you need? (あと何個必要?)

How many more of the same product do you have? (同じ商品はあといくつありますか?)


How many movies do you think I’ve watched? (俺がどれだけの映画を観たと思ってるの?)

〔How many something〕を含む例文・フレーズ o ~ z


How many orphans do you think there are in the world? (世界には何人の孤児がいると思いますか?)


How many others will be on the tour that day besides us? And how many of the staff will be there? (その日は私たちの他に何名のツアー参加者がいますか?またスタッフは何名ですか?)


In how many payments would you like to pay? (支払い回数は何回をご希望ですか?)


“Hey, we’re having a beach party this Saturday. Can you come?” “Oh I don’t know yet. How many people are going?” (「今週の土曜日にビーチパーティーがあるんだけど、君も来ない?」「あ、どうしようかな。何人が来るの?」)

“Wow, look at how many people there are now!” “I know! Good thing we came early, huh?” (「うわ、この人の数見てみろよ!」「本当だな!早く来てよかったな?」)

How many people are before me? (あと何人待ちですか?)

How many people will this dish serve? (この料理は何人前ですか?)

Including us, how many people are going? (私たちを含めて何人で行くの?)

How many Japanese people have done a homestay at this house? (この家には、今まで何人の日本人がホームステイしたの?)

How many people are ahead of me? (私は何番目ですか?)

How many people are waiting before me? (私は何番目ですか?)

Can you tell me how many people besides me are waiting? (私の他にあと何人待っている人がいるのか教えてもらえますか?)

How many people came? (何人来たの?)

How many people are there? (どのくらいの人がいるの?)

How many people can get on? ([タクシーで]何人まで乗れますか?)

How many people have you gone out with before? (今まで何人と付き合ってきたの?)

I’m going to have to call the restaurant to tell them how many people will be coming. (レストランに最終人数を報告する必要があります)

How many people are living in this house? (何人の人がこの家に住んでいますか?)

How many people are coming? (何人の人が来るんですか?)

How many people do you think are coming? (何人くらい集まると思いますか?)

About how many people are participating in that competition? (その大会には何人くらいの人が参加するのですか?)

I’m curious how many people have that ticket. (そのチケットをどのくらいの人が持っているか知りたい)

How many people are going to the Halloween party? (何人でハロウィンに行くの?)

I wonder how many people in the world are happy that they were born whom they are? (自分に生まれて良かったって思える人はこの世界にどれぐらいいるだろう?)

This has made me realize just how many people love and support me. (こんなに多くの人に愛されていて支えられていると今回改めて気付いた)

How many people in the world do you think can live in such a beautiful house in such a great environment? I would say very few. (こんなに美しい家と環境で暮らせる人が世界にはどれだけいると思う?そんなにいないはずよ)

No matter how good of an idea you have, there’s a limit to how many people you can reach if you’re just working on your own. (どれほどいいアイディアがあっても1人では伝えられる人数、範囲は限られている)

How many people do you think we need? (何人必要だと思いますか?)

How many people did you start the company with? (何人で会社を始めたのですか?)

How many people died in that accident? (その事故で何人亡くなったの?)


I wonder how many petals there are on one flower. (1つの花に花びらは何枚付いているかな?)


How many photos do you have to take until you’re satisfied? (どれだけ写真を撮れば気が済むの?)


How many piercings do you have? (ピアスの穴何個開けてるの?)


How many pills should I take at a time? (一回につき何錠飲めばいいの?)


Roughly how many TOEIC points is equivalent to Eiken Level 1? (英検1級って、TOEICで言うと何点くらい?)

How many points would you give me for that song I just sang? (今、私が歌った曲何点ですか?)


How many problems will there be? (どれくらい問題でますか?)


There’s a limit to how many projects we can take on at once. (小規模の会社なので一度に取り扱うことのできるプロジェクトの数には限りがある)


I’ve watched Friends up to episode 3 of season 5. Just how many seasons are there? (ドラマのフレンズのシーズン5のエピソード3まで見終わった。一体何シーズンまであるのか?)


How many seconds left? (あと何秒残ってる?)


How many shots did you make in that game? (あなたはその試合で何本シュートを決めましたか?)


How many shows a day do you have? (1日に何回ショーがありますか?)


How many siblings do you have? (何人兄弟ですか?)

How many older siblings do you have? (あなたは兄弟の中で何番目?)


How many sit-ups do you do in a day? (1日にどれくらい腹筋してるの?)


How many parking spaces are there? (車は何台駐められますか?)


How many stations away is Shibuya Station from here? (渋谷駅はここから何個目の駅ですか?)


How many stops away is the station I want to go? (私が行きたい駅までいくつ停車駅ありますか?)


How many strawberries are there? Let’s count! (イチゴは何個ある?数えてみよう!)


How many strokes does that Chinese character have? (その漢字の画数はいくつですか?)


How many students are in your class? (あなたのクラスには何人の生徒がいますか?)

How many students are enrolling today? (今日から入学する生徒は何人いますか?)

How many students are in this school? (ここの学校は何人くらい生徒がいますか?)


How many tables before us? ([レストランの順番待ちで]私の順番っていつですか?)


How many tattoos do you have now? (今タトゥー何個あるの?)


Please let me know how many taxis you need before I make the arrangements. (私がタクシーを手配する前に、あなたが必要なタクシーの台数を教えてください)


How many tears do I have to cry until I can forget you? (どれだけ涙を流せば、あなたを忘れることができますか?)


How many times have you been to Hawaii? (ハワイは何回目ですか?)

No matter how many times I say that I love you, it wouldn’t be enough! That’s how much I love you! (何度愛してるって言っても足りないよ!そのくらい好き!)

How many times have you been to Japan? (日本に来るのは何回目ですか?)

It’s fun no matter how many times I go! (何度行っても楽しい!)

I never get tired of it, no matter how many times I go. (何回行っても飽きない)

How many times do I have to say that I love you? (何度好きと言えばいい?)

You never learn no matter how many times I tell you. (何回言っても懲りない人ね)

This movie is interesting no matter how many times I watch it. (この映画は何回見ても面白い作品です)

Hey! How many times do I have to tell you? Close the door! (おい!てめぇ何回も同じこと言わすなよ?ドア閉めろ!)

No matter how many times I apologize, you won’t forgive me. I don’t know what else to do. (何度謝っても許してくれないし、どうしたらいいかわからない)

I’m going to lose weight before the summer! I wonder how many times I’ve said that before... (夏までに痩せる!もう何回このセリフを言ったっけ...)

How many times do I have to tell you!? (何度言ったらわかるの!?)

Again...? How many times do we have to go through this? (またかよ...何回やれば気が済むんだ?)

No matter how many times I clean the room, why does it get all messy again right away? (部屋を掃除しても、なんですぐに散らかってしまうんだろう?)

I feel like an idiot. I was waiting to hear from you. How many times have you let me down? (バカみたい。私はあなたの連絡をずっと待っていました。私をうんざりさせるのはこれで何回目?)

How many times a day can I do it? (1日何回できるかな?)

How many times did you go to see it? (何回観に行ったの?)

How many times a week do you work out? (週に何回トレーニングする?)

That story is still scary no matter how many times I hear it. (その話何回聞いても怖い)

As a Japanese person, I get moved no matter how many times I go there. (日本人の私でも何回行っても感動する)

How many times have you been to Disneyland so far? (これまで何回ディズニーランドに行ったことがありますか?)

I can’t get rid of the smell no matter how many times I wash my hands. (何回洗っても臭いが取れない)

I don’t remember how many times I fell down. (何回転んだか覚えてないよ)

The room gets dirty no matter how many times I vacuum it, it’s never-ending. (掃除機かけてもかけてもすぐ汚れるからキリがない)

How many times do you have to do that? (何回それを繰り返せばいいんですか?)

How many times did you take that exam before you passed? (何回目でその試験に合格しましたか?)

How many times are you going to make the same mistake? (同じこと何回繰り返すんだよ?)

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been there. (もう何回行ったか覚えていない)

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried so far. (今まで何回挑戦したかわかりません)

I wonder how many times taller than me this building is. (この建物は私の何倍分の高さがあるのだろう)

How many times are you going to repeat the same mistake? (何度同じこと繰り返せば気が済むんだい?)

It relaxes me no matter how many times I look at it. (何回見ても癒される)

How many times can I eat this before I get tired of it? (何回これを食べたら飽きるだろう?)

How many times a year does it snow here? (ここでは年に何回雪が降りますか?)

How many times do you think you need to read a book until you understand it completely? (1冊の本を完璧に理解するには、何回読む必要があると思いますか?)

The security code won’t validate no matter how many times I try, so I can’t purchase it. (セキュリティコードの認証が何十回やっても認証してくれないので購入できません)

No matter how many times I explain you just don’t understand. (何度説明してもあなたは分かってくれない)

How many times can I see you while you’re in Japan? (あなたが日本にいる間に私たちは何回会えますか?)

How many times do you login a day? (あなたは1日に何回ログインしますか?)

How many women have you gone out with? (今まで何人の女と付き合ったことあんの?)

How many women were you with while we weren’t keeping in touch? I like men who don’t sleep around. (私たちが疎遠になっている間、あなたは何人の女性と関係を持ちましたか?私は一途な男性が好きです)

How many women have you gone out with so far? (あなたは今まで何人の女性と付き合いましたか?)

How many Japanese women have you slept with? I won’t get mad, so tell me the truth. (今までで、何人の日本人の女性と寝たの?怒らないから正直に教えて)

How many times will something like this happen to me? (このようなことが私に何回起きるのだろう?)

I’ve decided to distance myself from you, I can’t count how many times I’ve decided to do this, but I’m serious this time. (君から離れるって決めた。もう何回そう決めたか分からないけど、今回は本当に別れようと思います。)


How many tourists visit Taiwan every year? (台湾で年間に訪れる観光客の数は?)


How many weeks have already passed so far? (今すでに何週間終わったの?)


How many wins do I have to get to qualify? (予選突破するには何勝しなくちゃいけないの?)


How many English words do you think you know? (あなたはいくつの英単語を知っていると思いますか?)


How many years have you been married? (ご結婚されて何年ですか?)

Long time no see! How many years has it been?! (久しぶり!会うの何年ぶりだっけ?!)

How many years ago is this photo? (これ何年前の写真?)

How many years have you been studying English? (何年英語を勉強していますか?)

How many years have you lived in Japan? (日本には何年住んでいるのですか?)

How many years older is your brother? (あなたのお兄さんは何歳年上ですか?)

I wonder how many years it’s been since I last spoke English. (英語を話すのは、何年ぶりでしょうか)

How many years ago was this photo taken? (この写真は何年前に撮ったものですか?)

How many years old is this shop? (創業何年目のお店ですか?)

How many years do I need to go to university in order to become a physiotherapist? (理学療法士になるためには、何年大学に通う必要がありますか?)

以上、数を尋ねる〔How many something(どれだけの何か)〕の表現を紹介しました。