今回は、程度を尋ねる〔How much something(どのくらいの何か)〕という表現についてまとめました。

How much something


〔How much something〕を含む例文・フレーズ

〔How much something〕の〔something〕が表す、程度が関係する名詞のバリエーションに注目し、様々な場面で〔How much something〕を使えるようになりましょう!

How much something

I want to see how much English speaking ability I’ve acquired. (どれくらいの英会話の実力がついたか試してみたい)


You should know how much alcohol you can take. (あなたは自分のお酒を飲める力量を知るべきだ)

breathing room

How much breathing room do you have financially? (経済的な余裕はどれくらいありますか?)


How much debt do you have left? (借金どれくらい残ってる?)

How much debt do you have in total? (あなたは全部でいくらの借金があるの?)


I wonder how much detail you can see with such amazing eyesight. (あなたほど視力が極端に良いとどれほどまで細部が見えてしまうんだろうか)


I was fraught with emotion when I saw how much effort they were putting in. (彼らの努力をみて、私は胸が熱くなった)

Ugliness can’t be masked, no matter how much effort you put in. (どんなに努力したところでブスはブスやで)

In life, there are things that can’t be helped no matter how much effort you put into it. Sometimes, you need to sympathize with people, rather than giving them advice. (人生には努力だけではどうにもならないこともある。アドバイスではなくただ共感することも必要だ)


I don’t know how much English he understands. (彼がどこまで英語を理解しているのか、分からない)


How much food is this? (この料理どのくらいの量ですか?)


The word fun doesn’t even begin to describe how much fun I had! (楽しかったじゃ足りないくらい楽しかった)

I think you take photos so that you can be reminded of how much fun you had. (写真って楽しかった思い出を後で思い出せるように撮るんだと思う)

You’re missing out on life if you don’t know how much fun traveling is! (旅の楽しみを知らないなんて、人生損しているよ!)


How much homework do you give out, and how frequently do you give it out? (どれくらいの量の宿題をどれくらいの頻度で出すのですか?)


How much hours of sleep do you usually get? (普段の睡眠時間はどのくらい?)


How much HP does a slime have? (スライムのHPはいくつですか?)


How much Japanese can you speak? (どれくらい日本語を話せますか?)

How much Japanese do you speak? (あなたはどのくらい日本語を話せますか?)


How much left do I have to pay? (あといくら払えばいい?)


How much liquid can I have in my carry-on luggage? (手荷物の液体はいくらまで持ち込めますか?)


No matter how much makeup I put on, I look childlike. (どれだけちゃんと化粧しててもいつもすごく幼く見られる)

medical coverage

How much medical coverage would I get with this insurance? (医療費はこの保険でどのくらいカバーされますか?)


“Can I ask how much money you make?” “Uh, sorry, that’s a little personal.” (「いくら稼いでいるか聞いてもいい?」「んー、ごめんだけど、それはちょっと個人的なことだから」)

“And you know, it’s been hard recently, with my mortgage, and the recession...” “Okay okay, let’s cut to the chase. How much money do you need?” (「そして、最近大変だよ、住宅ローンもあるし、しかも不景気だし...」「もう単刀直入に言おうよ。お金いくら必要なの?」)

How much money is on this card? (このカードの中にいくら文お金入ってますか?)

How much money are you going to take from me before you’re finally satisfied? (あなたはどんだけ私からお金を巻き上げれば気が済むの?)

How much money do you have on you? (お金いくら持っていってる?)

I want to travel the world, how much money do you think I need? (世界旅行しようと思うとどれほどお金がいるのかな?)

I realized how much money I was wasting after I came here. (自分がどれだけ贅沢な生活をしてたか、こっちに来て思い知らされたよ)

How much money are you expecting? (いくらぐらいを希望していますか?)

No matter how much money you spend on me, I can’t have feelings for you. (いくらお金を使われても、あなたを好きにはなれない)

I don’t want people to think I’m crazy by revealing how much money I’m spending on online games, so it’s a secret. (ゲームへの課金額を言ってドン引きされるのが嫌なのでそれについては秘密です)


How much overtime do I need to put in? (残業はどのくらいありますか?)


This doesn’t even begin to show how much pain I’m having. (私の痛みはこんなもんじゃない)


How much preparation is required? (仕込みはどれくらいある?)


Improvement starts when you realize how much room you have for improvement. (上達への道のりは自分の下手さを知ってからが始まり)


How much sales would we need a day in order to make a profit? (1日いくら売り上げれば黒字になるの?)


How much skill is required? (どれくらいのスキルがいるのですか?)


How much sleep do you usually get? (普段、睡眠はどのくらいとられていますか?)


How much snow piled up? (雪どれくらい積もった?)


Whether I can go or not depends on how much studying I get done. (行けるかどうかは勉強の進み具合によります)


How much stuff do you have to move? (あなたの引っ越しの荷物はどのくらいありますか?)


How much sugar do you think should be put into this coffee? (このコーヒーにはどのくらい砂糖を入れるのがいいと思いますか?)


“So, how much time will you be taking off from work?” “My boss said to take as long as I need, so I’ll play it by ear.” (「それで、どれくらい休暇を取るの?」「上司に好きなだけ取っていいって言われたから、成り行きに任せるよ」)

No matter how much time it takes, I won’t give up. (どんなに時間がかかっても諦めずに頑張ります)

How much time will we have to see each other? (会える時間はどのくらいあるの?)

No matter how much time I have, it’s not enough! (いくら時間があっても足りない!)

How much time is left? (残り時間はあとどれくらいですか?)

We won’t change, no matter how much time passes. (何年経っても私たちは変わらない)

If we could see each other, how much free time would you have? (もし会えたら、どのくらいあなたに自由な時間がありますか?)

How much time do I have to exchange it? (どのくらいの期間で交換すれば良いのですか?)

How much time has passed? (どのくらい時間が過ぎた?)

No matter how much time goes by, I won’t be able to forget you. (いくら時が経ってもあなたを忘れることができないんだ)

No matter how much time passes, I can’t help but think of you. (どれだけ時が経っても、まだ君のことを考えてしまっている)

How much time are you taking off? (どのくらい休みを取る予定ですか?)

I don’t care how much time it’ll take, I want to be your number one. I don’t mind waiting. (いくら時間がかかってもいいから、いつか私はあなたの1番になりたい。それまでずっと待ってる)

I wish I knew how much time I have left to live. (自分の寿命が見れたらいいのになぁ~)

How much time is required to do this? (これをやるのにどれだけの時間が必要ですか?)


How much water is left in that pot? (そのポットにはあとどのくらいの水が入っていますか?)


I’ve gotten so fat I can’t tell people how much weight I’ve gained. (人に言えないほど体重が増えた)

How much weight have you lost since coming to Japan? (日本に来てからどのくらい痩せました?)


I’m happy, too, that they’ve recognized how much work you’ve put in. (あなたの頑張りが認められて、私も嬉しいよ)

There’s no need to show people how much work and effort you’re putting in! (人に自分がいかに頑張っているか、努力しているかを見せる必要はない!)

How much work did you get done? (今日は仕事どこまでできた?)

以上、程度を尋ねる〔How much something(どのくらいの何か)〕の表現を紹介しました。