• 『速度』とは、①物の進む速さ(運動する物体の位置の時間的変化の割合)②物事の進み具合のことです。



speeding(スピード違反) / a speeding ticket(スピード違反切符) / a speeding car(スピード違反の車) / a top speed(最高速度) / the speed limit(速度制限) / the speed restriction(速度制限) / a speed demon(スピード狂) / a speed freak(スピード狂) / a speed merchant(スピード狂) / a speedometer(速度計) / a speedometer needle(スピード計の針) / wind speed(風速) / the maximum instantaneous wind speed(最大瞬間風速) / light speed(光の速度) / the speed of light(光の速度) / the average speed(平均速度) / the minimum speed on an expressway (高速道路の最低速度) / a speed trap(スピード違反取締実施区域) / Internet speed(ネットの通信速度) / the connection speed(通信速度) / the sense of speed(スピード感)



速度が速い run fast / travel fast

速度が遅い run slowly / travel slowly

速度を上げる/スピードを上げる speed up / increase speed / gain speed / gather speed / pick up speed / build up speed

速度を落とす/スピードを落とす slow down / reduce speed

速度を出す/スピードを出す speed

制限速度を超える exceed the speed limit / break the speed limit

制限速度を守る follow the speed limit / observe the speed limit / obey the speed limit / keep to the speed limit

制限速度ぎりぎりを維持する hold one’s speed below the limit

スピード違反の車を追跡する chase a speeding car / pursue a speeding car

スピード違反で警察に止められる be stopped by the police for speeding / get stopped by the police for speeding

スピード違反で警告を受ける be cautioned for speeding

スピード違反で捕まる be caught speeding / be caught for speeding / get caught speeding

スピード違反で逮捕される be arrested for speeding

スピード違反で(10ドルの)罰金を科される be fined (ten dollars) for speeding / be fined (ten dollars) for exceeding the speed limit

スピード違反の罰金を払う pay a fine for speeding

速度に制限を置く set a limit on the speed

インターネット接続の速度制限にかかる Internet speed is capped / Internet speed get capped

通信速度が遅い the connection speed is slow

全速力で走る run at full speed

一定の速度を保つ maintain a constant speed

一定のスピードで運転する drive at an even speed / drive at a uniform speed / drive at a constant speed / drive at a steady speed

高速で運転する drive at high speed

光の速さで進む travel at the speed of light

低速で進む move at a slow speed

高速で at high speed

普通の速度で at normal speed

低速で at low speed / at a slow speed

全速力で at full speed / with all speed

最高速度で at top speed / at maximum speed

光の速さで at light speed

2倍速で at double speed

安全な速度で at a safe speed

制限速度を超えて over the speed limit

制限速度をはるかに超えて way above the speed limit

制限速度をはるかに下回って way below the speed limit

猛スピードで at breakneck speed

恐ろしいスピードで at a terrific speed / at a crazy speed

すさまじいスピードで at a furious speed

ものすごいスピードで at a tremendous speed

息もつけない速さで at a breathless speed

平均時速<数字>マイルで at an average speed of <number> mph

時速<数字>マイルの最高速度で at a maximum speed of <number> mph

時速<数字>マイルの速度がでる travel at speeds of up to <number> mph

<何かの>速度が速い/<何かの>スピードが速い <something’s> speed is fast

<何かの>速度が遅い/<何かの>スピードが遅い <something’s> speed is slow

<何か>のスピードを上げる speed up <something>

<何か>の速度を計る measure the speed of <something> / time the speed of <something>

<何か>のスピードについていく catch up with <something>

時速<数字>キロで運転する drive at a speed of <number> kph

<何か>が減速する <something> slow down its speed / <something> reduce its speed

<何か>が時速<数字>マイルの最高速度を持つ <something> has a top speed of <number> mph


速度(speed) 例文

⑴ The train gradually slowed down as it approached the station. (電車は駅に近づくにつれて、だんだんスピードを落とした)

⑵ We were on a straightway, so I picked up speed. (我々は直線道路に出たので、スピードを上げた)

⑶ The train began to pick up speed after leaving the city. (町を出ると列車は速度を上げ始めた)

⑷ No one obeys the speed limits. (誰も速度制限を守らない)

⑸ The train gathered speed suddenly. (電車はぐんと速力をあげた)

⑹ The car behind is gaining speed. (後ろの車がスピードを上げてきた)

⑺ He accepts that he was exceeding the speed limit. (彼は制限速度を超えていたことを認めている)

⑻ The speed limit on the free way is 55mph. (高速道悪露の制限速度は時速55マイルだ)

⑼ You’ve got to keep to the speed limit. (制限速度は守らなければならない)

⑽ Military sources say the boat was heading south at high speed. (軍情報源によると、船は高速で南に向かっていました)

⑾ I was fined $158 for exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph. (制限速度15マイル超過で158ドルの罰金を科された)

⑿ The vehicles have a top speed of 80 miles per hour. (その車両の最高速度は80マイルだ)

⒀ They travel at speeds of up to 30 knots. (最大30ノットの速度が出る)



You can go 20 over the speed limit. They won’t catch you.
My iPhone’s Internet speed was capped.
I want over my transfer limits, so my speed got capped.
Um, could you speed it up a little?
When I was on my way home after school, I was a man running full speed after a dog. That was hilarious.
It’s been a month since I started this job, and the thing that surprised me the most was the sense of speed here.
I was caught speeding on my way to work. It’s not my day.
I want to lose weight at the speed of light!
Have you ever gotten caught for speeding?
What speed doesn’t matter. Just run.
I watched tons of videos on my smartphone this month and my speed got capped, how useless.
What’s the speed limit here?
Is there a speed limit on this road?
I was stopped by the police for speeding!
In this day and age, if feels like the speed of consumption is very fast. Products, people, they come and go.
I personally witnessed an accident where a car drove full speed into a store. It was scary as hell.
I got caught speeding, and had to pay a fine. Not my day!!!
I think the speed at which you take action is what’s important.
The train is moving at a slow speed.
I have to follow the speed limit.
The connection speed is so slow that I can’t send messages.
Having another staff member here would really speed up the progress of the project.