今回は、理由や原因を表す〔due to something(何かが理由で/何かが原因で)〕についてまとめました。

due to something


〔due to something〕を含む例文・フレーズ a ~ n

〔due to something〕の〔something〕が表す、理由や原因となる事柄のバリエーションに注目し、様々な場面で〔due to something〕を使えるようになりましょう!

due to something

I’m sure there were lots of things that I couldn’t get across due to my poor English ability. (私の英語力不足で、うまく伝えられないことがたくさんあったと思います)


The highway is currently backed up due to an accident. (高速道路が事故で渋滞中)


I’ve decided to accept that fact that all outcomes are due to my actions. (出来事の結果は全て自己の日頃の行いが原因だと)


The number of jobs has decreased due to the advances in technology. (機械化が進んでいるため、人間の仕事が減ってきている)


I thought the cities would be full of security due to the terrorist attacks that recently took place, but it wasn’t like that at all. Everywhere I went, there were many tourists. (最近のテロ攻撃の後で街が警戒状態かと思ったが、全くそうではなかった。どこも多くの観光客で賑わっていた)


Due to falling birthrates, it’s getting easier to get accepted into Japanese universities. You can now get accepted into almost half of the universities with just an oral examination. (日本の大学は少子化のため入学し易くなっていて、約半分近くの大学が面接だけで入学できます)


The accident was due to his carelessness. (事故は彼の不注意が原因だった)


I was planning to finish it up today, but due to a big change that’s no longer going to be possible. (今日までにそれを完成させる予定だったけど大幅に変更したせいで終わりそうもない)

It’s possible that this weather we’re having is due to climate change. (このような天気は地球温暖化が影響している可能性がある)


If I miss my lesson due to personal circumstances, would I be able to take a lesson on another day? (自己都合でレッスンをおやすみした場合、振替レッスンは受けられますか?)

Due to family circumstances, I have to drop out of university. I’m devastated at the moment. I don’t know what to do. (家庭の事情で大学を辞めることとなりました。今は絶望感しかない。どうしたらいいのか分からない)

I had to quit my job due to family circumstances. (家庭の事情で仕事を辞めました)

I have to go back to Japan due to family circumstances. (家庭の事情で日本に帰らなければいけなくなりました)


Things are really bad in America due to the coronavirus. I’m really worried about everyone’s safety. Things are also bad in Japan but we will get through this together. (コロナウィルスでアメリカも大変だと思います。みんなが無事か心配です。日本も大変ですがお互い無事に乗り越えたいですね)

School will be closed for about 20 days. It’s due to the coronavirus. (学校20日間ぐらい休みになった。コロナウィルスの影響で)

Business hours have been shortened due to the coronavirus. (コロナウィルスのせいで店の営業時間が短縮になった)

School may be closed due to the coronavirus. (もしかしたらコロナウィルスの影響で学校が休みになるかもしれません)

Schools and after-school lessons have been canceled due to the coronavirus. (コロナウィルスの影響で、学校も習い事も全てお休みになっています)

Not only do we not have classed due to the coronavirus, we don’t even have online classes. (私たちは、コロナウィルスの影響で授業がないどころかオンライン授業すらありません)


I heard that most people are getting laid off due to a budget cut, but is that really true? (経費削減の為、ほとんどの人が解雇になるって聞いたけど本当ですか?)


However, many animals are facing danger of extinction due to destruction of nature by humans. (しかし、人々による自然破壊で多くの動物が絶滅の危機に瀕しています)


Your dog is really active and healthy. I can’t believe that he was originally abandoned due to disease. (あなたの犬ってとても活発で健康ね。元々は病気のせいで捨てられていたなんて想像できないわ)


Due to the downpour yesterday, there have been some reports of flooding in basements in some areas of Osaka. (昨日、大阪は豪雨のため一部地域で床下浸水の被害がありました)


I caused a traffic jam due to my slow driving. (ノロノロ運転で渋滞を作ってしまった)


I’m really sorry that there was a misunderstanding due to my poor explanation. (私の説明が不十分で誤解させてしまって本当にごめんなさい)


It’s been raining continuously in western Japan, and a lot of damage is being done due to flooding. (西日本では雨が降り続け洪水被害が拡大しています)


The children are absent from school due to the flu. (子供達がインフルエンザで学校を休んでいます)


While I was gone, my houseplants seemed to have been dying due to the heat. I felt sorry for them. (私が留守にしている間、観葉植物が暑さのせいでぐったりしていました。かわいそうです)


I’m moving back to Okinawa due to some family issues, so I’m thinking of looking for a job there. (家庭の事情で沖縄に帰って、沖縄で仕事を捜そうと思ってるよ)


Not being able to speak English is overwhelmingly due to a lack of input. (英語が話せないのは、圧倒的にインプットが足りてないから)


The police are certain that the cause of the explosion was due to a gas leak. (警察は爆発の原因はガス漏れであったと確信している)


I’ll be absent for three days starting from tomorrow due to a family matter. (明日から3日間、家庭の事情により欠席します)

〔due to something〕を含む例文・フレーズ o ~ z


The visibility is poor due to pollen. (花粉の影響で視界が悪い)


The game was canceled due to heavy rain. (豪雨の為、試合は中止になりました)

Feel free to bring your friends, too! We’ll let you know if it’s called off due to rain. (友達を連れて来ても大丈夫だよ!雨天の場合は中止連絡します)


Due to various reasons, I won’t be able to take the test. (諸事情により、試験を受けることができなくなりました)


We are temporarily closed due to renovations. (改装中のため一時的にお店を閉めております)


I was being unreasonable with you due to my selfishness. I’m sorry. (私のわがままのせいで、あなたに無理をさせてしまって、ごめんなさい)


The closing of school was due to the heavy snow. (休校は大雪のためであった)

Transportation services were disrupted today due to the snow so I wasn’t able to go to school. (雪の影響で交通機関が乱れて学校に行けなかった)

Due to the heavy snow, more than 50 domestic flights were cancelled. (大雪の影響により、国内の空港で合計50便以上が欠航となった)

Due to the heavy snow, trains have to stop for 10 minutes at each station before departing. (雪の影響により各駅に10分停車して電車が運航している)

The flight got canceled. It was due to the snow. (フライトがキャンセルになったよ。雪のせいだって)

Trains have reduced their service due to the snow. (雪で電車が間引き運転していた)

I can’t watch TV because the antenna isn’t getting a signal due to the snow. (雪のせいでアンテナが電波を受信できなくて、テレビが見れない)


I can’t eat much anymore due to stress. (ストレスであんまり食べられなくなっちゃった)

I hate myself for getting sick. I want to change myself so that I won’t get sick due to stress. (体調が悪くなる自分が嫌い。ストレスで余計に体調崩してしまう自分を変えたい)

I can’t stop coughing due to stress. (僕はストレスのせいで、咳が止まらない)


We don’t have WiFi due to the structure of the building. (当店は建物の構造上の理由でWiFiが使えません)


Marine sports have been cancelled due to the low tide. (干渉の為マリンスポーツを中断しています)


It might take some time due to traffic. (渋滞の影響で時間がかかるかもしれません)

It usually takes 2 hours to get home, but due to traffic it took me 5 hours. (普段は家まで2時間だけど、渋滞だったので家まで5時間かかった)


The weather’s horrible today due to the typhoon. (今日は台風で外が荒れています)

The class was canceled due to the typhoon. (台風の影響で休講になった)

I didn’t have to go to work due to the typhoon today. (今日台風のため仕事が休みになったよ)

The nursery school was closed due to the typhoon today. (今日台風のため休園になったよ)

I heard the train service will stop at night due to the typhoon. (台風のせいで、夜には電車が止まるらしい)

There was an evacuation notice due to the typhoon. (台風の影響で避難勧告が出た)

The roof was torn off due to the typhoon. (台風のせいで、屋根が飛ばされた)

Some trees in the yard fell due to the typhoon. (台風で庭の木が何本か倒れました)

Yesterday, the flight was cancelled due to the typhoon in Okinawa, and today, we’re waiting to see whether the weather in Narita is fit for flying. (昨日は沖縄上空が台風のため欠航になったのに、今日は成田上空が悪天候のため飛ぶか見合わせ中)


The barbecue was canceled due to bad weather. (雨だからバーベキューは中止になっちゃったの)

The flight was bumpy due to bad weather. (天候が悪くて飛行機がとても揺れた)

The price of vegetables has risen sharply due to bad weather. (悪天候の影響で野菜の値段が高騰しました)

We had stay one more night at that hotel due to bad weather. (悪天候のため、私たちはもう一泊そのホテルに滞在しなければならなかった)

Sports Day at school was scheduled for today, but it got postponed due to bad weather. I hope it’s sunny next Saturday! (今日は運動会なのに雨で中止になりました。来週の土曜は晴れますように!)


I’m sorry for the short notice, but I can’t make it anymore due to work. (直前で申し訳ないんですが、仕事のため参加できなくなりました)

I can’t go to class this afternoon due to work. (仕事のため、午後のクラスに行けなくなりました)


My daily rhythm has been interrupted due to working from home. (在宅勤務のため生活リズムが狂った)

以上、理由や原因を表す〔due to something(何かが理由で/何かが原因で)〕を紹介しました。