• 『家賃』とは、家や部屋の借り賃のことです。



a high rent(高い家賃) / a low rent(安い家賃)



家賃を払う pay the rent / pay for rent

家賃が払えない can’t pay the rent

家賃が高い the rent is high / the rent is expensive

家賃が安い the rent is cheap

家賃を上げる raise the rent / put up the rent / increase the rent

家賃を2倍に上げる double the rent

家賃を下げる lower the rent

家賃を払い忘れる forget to pay the rent

家賃の支払いが遅れる be late with the rent

家賃を払っていない have not paid one’s rent

家賃を滞納する be behind in one’s rent

家賃が上がる the rent is up / the rent goes up / the rent is raised

家賃を徴収する collect the rent

家賃の交渉をする negotiate the rent

家賃はいくら? How much is the rent?

家賃に<何か>を含める include <something> in the rent

家賃を<期間>先払いしている pay one’s rent <period> in advance

家賃を<期間>滞納している be <period> behind in one’s rent / be <period> behind with one’s rent / haven’t paid the rent for the past <period>

家賃の支払いが<日付>である the rent is due on <date>


家賃(rent) 例文1

⑴ “I got to find a job soon or, I can’t even pay rent.” “Wow. Well, if worse comes to worst, just move back in with your parents.” (「早く仕事見つけなきゃ、家賃も払えなくなっちゃう」「うわ、でも最悪の場合は、実家に戻ったらいいじゃん」)

⑵ “So you’re going to go with this apartment?” “Yeah! Good location, spacious, and the rent is cheap! What more could you ask for?” (「それで、このアパートにするの?」「もちろん!立地は良いし、広いし、家賃も安い!これ以上何を望むの?」)

⑶ “I don’t have a job, can’t pay my rent, and now my girlfriend wants to break up!” “Oh man, sounds like you’ve been through a lot this year.” (「仕事もないし、家賃も払えない、しかも今度は彼女にも振られそうだし!」「マジかよ、なんか今年はいろいろ大変だったみたいだね」)

⑷ How much should I pay for rent? (家賃はいくら払えばいい?)

⑸ Rent and living expenses in Japan are very high. (日本は家賃や生活費がとても高いです)

⑹ I took a look at the apartment, but the rent was expensive, and the room was pretty small. (アパート調べたけど、家賃高いし、狭いよ~)

⑺ I paid rent for until the end of August, but I’m leaving on the 26th. I would like to get back 5 days worth of rent. (8月末までの家賃を払ったが、26日で退去することになった。家賃の5日分返金して欲しい)

⑻ What percentage of your paycheck goes to paying rent? (自分の給料の何パーセントを家賃として支払っていますか?)

⑼ How should I pay the rent to the landlord every month? (毎月の家賃を大家にどうやって支払えばいいですか?)

⑽ You’re right, the rent in Tokyo is really high! (確かに、東京の家賃は物凄く高いです)

⑾ If I move in on the 22nd, how much will be the rent? (22日から入居したら4月分の家賃はいくらになりますか?)

⑿ How about I give you a massage once a week and you lower the rent that much? Isn’t that a good idea? (マッサージを週1回するから、その分家賃を下げるっていうのはどう?いい提案じゃない?)

⒀ I forgot to pay my rent. (家賃を払い忘れた)

⒁ Can you include the gas, electricity and water bills in the rent? (家賃にガス、電気、水道代を入れてもらうことは可能でしょうか?)

⒂ I looked into Santa Monica, too, but the rent’s so high that I can’t afford to live there. (サンタモニカについても調べたけど、家賃がものすごく高くて住めないと思った)

⒃ My landlady collects the rent every Friday. (うちの大家は毎週金曜に家賃を徴収する)

⒄ Jack is always late with the rent. (ジャックはいつも家賃の支払いが遅れる)

⒅ The rent will be up by 3,000 yen next month. (家賃は来月から3,000円上がる)

⒆ He has not paid his rent for two months. (彼は家賃をふた月も入れていない)

⒇ He is two months behind in his rent. (彼は家賃を2か月延滞している)

家賃(rent) 例文2

⑴ You’re a month behind with your rent. (家賃の支払いが1ヶ月遅れていますよ)

⑵ The rent is due on the twentieth of this month. (今月の20日に家賃の支払い日が来る)

⑶ I pay my rent a month in advance. (家賃は1ヶ月先払いしています)

⑷ “I was kicked out of my apartment because I couldn’t pay the rent.” “That’s the way it is.” (「家賃が払えなくなってアパートを追い出されたんだ」「そりゃ仕方がないな」)

⑸ I’m three months behind with my rent. (家賃を3ヶ月滞納している)

⑹ He hasn’t paid the rent for the past three months. (彼は家賃を3ヶ月滞納している)

⑺ The rent has gone up. (家賃が上がった)

⑻ We cannot buy food and clothes and pay for rent and utilities on $20 a week. (週に20ドルでは食料と衣類を買い、家賃と光熱費を支払うことはできない)

⑼ His landlord doubled the rent. (彼の家主は家賃を2倍に上げた)

⑽ She worked to pay the rent while I went to college. (私が大学に行っている間、彼女は家賃を払うために働いた)

⑾ Where John lives, the rents are fairly cheap, but a little further north it’s a different story. (ジョンが住んでいるところでは家賃は割と安いのですが、少し北に行くと事情が異なります)

⑿ He exhausted himself on an endless treadmill to pay for rent and food. (家賃と食費を払うための終わりのない単調な仕事に疲労困ぱいした)

⒀ She is behind in her rent. (彼女は家賃の支払いが遅れている)

⒁ He is way behind in his rent. (彼は家賃をだいぶ滞納している)

⒂ The landlord told him to leave because he hadn’t paid his rent. (家主は彼が家賃を払っていなかったので出て行くように言った)

⒃ We will increase the rent next month. (来月から家賃を値上げします)